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See All Ireland Conversations. Top questions about Ireland. How do I start to plan my trip to Ireland? When I visited Ireland, I wished I had. When posting questions on the forums, why is it better to give my budgets in Euro?

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ABC Shop coupons. Can I use my electrical appliances in Ireland? When I visited Ireland, I wished I had. AED Superstore coupons. Pbear71 , Feb 21,

Which are the best guidebooks to Ireland? What are the most popular things to see and do in Ireland? What's the best way to change money? What is the weather like in Ireland and when is the best time to visit? What are the 10 must see things including "off the beaten track"? The Burren, a unique landscape - why visit? Connemara - where the tour busses don't go How do I get around Ireland? What is a Heritage Card and how do I get one?

What about pub etiquette in Ireland? Can I use my electrical appliances in Ireland?

Where can I find pet friendly accommodation in Ireland? What do I need to know about bed and breakfast accommodation? You do not get a CCJ even if you lose; as long as you pay within 30 days of judgment it's all sorted and nothing stays on the register i.

No 'risk' as long as you don't miss court deadlines, you may as well defend and fight. You will likely pay less than is being demanded even if you lose , all over with no effect on your credit rating - you will have cost THEM more. Here is a walk-through the process from defence onwards i.

You can get a passenger to hold a camera or phone and record the lack of signs seen. This is only applicable if you are defending as keeper.

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If Gladstones write before the hearing, offering you a chance to 'settle' it usually means they know they will lose and are about to discontinue the case in which case you are entitled to seek YOUR costs! It is rather important for the court to know whose skeleton it is, and it is not always immediately apparent from the text. And the Judge agreed, all over, claim struck out entirely! So make sure the Judge knows this is likely and to protect your costs by Ordering the dates by which the Claimant can continue the claim - but that they must pay your set aside hearing costs, in the event of a discontinuance.

Last edited by Coupon-mad; at AM. To find a relevant POPLA appeal written recently, always search the forum well, choosing good keywords.

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Searching will find the most recent similar example; do not use one older than Easier than it sounds because we now have a number of POPLA appeal points covering the essential areas for appeal. They are in 'near template' state, but will need to be checked first against the circumstances of your parking event.

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  • Destinations.
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These are long on detail and when put together form a formidable block of text, deliberately so to scare off some PPCs who cannot be bothered to contest fairly common. Signage I deliberately go to town in this section, don't cut it down! This is your chance to comment on the crappy evidence from the scumbags. Your comments are to rebut the operator's case, blow by blow.

It is named and shamed on forum posts regularly as a 'kangaroo court' because even a strong appeal loses in almost every case.

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The IAS favours the parking firms and expects a mountain of evidence from the appellant. Do not use mitigating circumstances. Please don't start a thread asking if you should appeal to the IAS unless you have very rare circumstances that might make yours worth a try. It changes nothing, just takes you back to square one. It is not a reason to pay, even though the decision will tell you to! No need to panic.

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If that happens, see post 2 above about beating a claim! What will happen if I do not bother with the IAS stage? Same as the advice for those who lose. Don't pay. Debt Collectors letters or threats of court?

Thinking you may be too late to appeal? You may get debt collector letters, e. See this linked explanatory video which will help you to see it for what it is and say 'big deal' about the letters: LINK: Is a debt collector the same as a bailiff? You can make their position very difficult - and maybe a POPLA code and rejection letter will follow as it did here.

I recommend the second option. Look at the linked thread above - I have given typical contact emails in post 3 - for stores, and tips about who to moan at if it's not a shop on site. Also there's a template 'rant' of a complaint letter to give you the flavour of how angry a customer is entitled to be about this utter harassment, particularly if your only error was taking too long shopping! Retail Park with lots of stores? Google it and find the management or landowner contact details. State that the matter has been escalated to the CCR team because you have no confidence in the data release team to take such a complaint seriously as it's in the public domain that they have dismissed these issues far too many times recently without so much as even supplying a copy of the DVLA complaints procedure leaflet.

Similarly, the IPC are not able to interfere with decisions of Parking Operators in relation to the validity of charges that they issue If you need to refer a complaint to us then please contact us. See the second post for the link showing how to acknowledge a claim. How to respond. Easy to win! See post 2. If you have a claim, you must file a Witness Statement and your evidence and exhibits before the hearing, as well as the initial defence statement.

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Users saying Thanks 9. Crabman View public profile Send private message Find more posts View all thanked posts. This thread is for general information only. Please do not post questions about your parking tickets in this thread. Now, the rest is easy! The next time you grocery shop, open your coupon binder and see if any of the coupons match items on your shoping list.

That means you are either owed money in cash from the grocer, or get credit towards your current bill. Take it slow, and enjoy savour the cumulative savings for your next adventure! Are you an avid couponer? Resources Trending. Budget Travel Budget Travel See all. Destinations See all. Trending See all.

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