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The multifocal contact lens is one kind of corrective contact lens, which is used for people who has presbyopia. It's made of a special material to let the oxygen go through your eyes. Hence, your eyes would feel comfortable and health. It's a daily lens for continuous utilizing about 30 days, which means you can wear the lens to sleep and wake up with perfect visual performance in the morning.

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How long can I have a diving after a lasik surgery? Diving after LASIK is fine as long as you are post-op for at least two weeks, and if diving an a pond or a place where the water is stagnet lots of bacteria, don't let the water get in your eyes at least a month out. If your eyes are feeling dry at any time use an artificail tear presertive free such as Thera Tears of Refresh Plus.

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I hope you are enjoying your new vision. How long will it take for a swollen eye to heal?

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Well, it seems that you have got a problem, actually a lot of people have got the same headache with you. Generally speaking, it is not a serious problem, but you should follow my advice. Try to find a used red tea bag and put in on your swollen eyes. Or you can try to find some cold milk in a bag to put on your eyes. Then, you need to get some good sleep but do not drink before sleeping.

Hope you recover as soon as possible.

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How to tell pure titanium eyeglasses frames? Check the frame and see if there are signs of discoloration or corrosion. Check the weight, Titanium eyeglasses frames are much lighter than other metal frames. How much are prescription sunglasses at lenscrafters? Yes, I have bought a pair of prescription sunglasses at lenscrafters.

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The price is different, because of the different materials,different styles and different lense. The price of lenses of prescription glasses is higher than that of common glasses. What are some funky reading glasses? Now reading glasses are available in funky styles. If you need reading glasses to help you with reading, you can find the unique, funky reading glasses to show your personality.

Reading glasses in different patterns and colors are available these days. Some bold colors such as red, purple, pink, green and orange are all popular choices when people go to choose funky reading glasses. Funky reading glasses in aviator style, retro style and oversized style are very popular with people who need reading glasses. Are contact lenses hard to put on your eyes? So, it might be exciting when you think about it, because it would bring new experience to you and make you free from frames and have better looks.

However, as you can see, there are some side effects. One of them is that the first time could be really hard and annoying. Sometimes, it would take you a lot of time before you could put them into your eyes. Because it depends on your skills and size of your eyes. Dear friend, you can apply for some artificial tears to relieve your pain eye. Many eye pain and itch are caused by dry eyes. Born in the Dominican Republic and living in the U. The novel's narrator employs English, Spanish and street slang to describe the complicated and troubled history of his home country and his coming-of-age in his new one. He's covered the plight of refugees during the conflicts in Kosovo, worldwide patterns of illegal migration, a failed experiment in democracy building in Yemen, and the counterinsurgency campaign in Iraq. Army infantry battalion in one of the most dangerous areas of Baghdad in , attempting to capture the character transformations of the young soldier as they experience the horrors of combat. Guyon designs telescopes that search for Earth-like planets outside the solar system. These planets are harder to see because they orbit extremely close to their home stars and are ten orders of magnitude less bright from our perspective.

Guyon invented a telescope design that "reduces the engineering and cost obstacles of deploying a planet-locating telescope in low-Earth orbit," according to his MacArthur Foundation bio. Source: Scitizen. Hallem studies the physiology and behavioral consequences of odor detection.

As a graduate student, she used a mutant fly strain that lacks any odorant receptor and produced more than 20 different strains each with a single known odor receptor. A refugee from Vietnam and U. She's photographed landscapes transformed by war as well as other types of military activity. Currently, she is documenting the U. Mazmanian studies the interaction between stomach bacterial species and the host immune system. This is a growing field, but clearly a departure from mainstream microbiology. Mengestu is a native of Ethiopia who came to the U.

In addition to describing the challenges of lives uprooted and remade in the wake of political violence, he explores the fractures and tensions that characterize rapidly changing areas of urban America. Mengestu is also a freelance journalist who has covered life in Darfur, northern Uganda, and eastern Congo. Miller's work focuses on the development of services designed to break the cycle of economic dependency for low-income families across the United States.

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FII has evolved into a national model that taps into the initiative and capability of low-income households to maximize their own networks and resources and guide themselves out of property. Families receive small cash stipends for achieving self-initiated goals such as finding employment, reducing debt, or saving toward buying a home. In his book The Claims of Kinfolk , Penningroth describes the informal customs that slaves in the pre-Civil War South used to recognize ownership of property, challenging conventional wisdom that they couldn't posses anything as they themselves were deemed property.

From the Chicago Tribune:. Moreover, after the Civil War, the children and grandchildren of freed slaves managed to gain legal recognition in a system rigged against them. His current projects explore the lineage and issues of inheritance for slave-descended people in early 20th Century Ghana and the experiences of African Americans who made use of local courts during the decades that followed emancipation. Plank's research focuses on what happens when tectonic plates collide. She uses volcanoes as a window to the chemical and physical forces sparked by these collisions occuring deep below the surface of the Earth.

Poitras' trilogy of feature-length documentaries about the war on terror that explores the conflict from the vantage point of a Sunni physician in Iraq, a former jihadist and bodyguard to Osama Bin Ladin, and those in the U. Each time, they detain her, and then interrogate her at length about where she went and with whom she met or spoke. They have exhibited a particular interest in finding out for whom she works. Since the mids, Rabalais has led a long-term program to study the size, intensity, and seasonal occurrence of dead zones in the waters off the Louisiana continental shelf.

When concentrated in coastal waters, the nutrients from farmland fertilizer spawn the growth of excessive algae, which decomposes by consuming oxygen vital to sustaining many aquatic species. Rabalais has also played a prominent role in informing strategies for reducing urban and agricultural runoff flowing into the Gulf. Rolland is a mas ter bow maker experimenting with new designs and materials for violin, viola, and cello bows steeped in the the tradition of 19th-century bow design.

Before making a bow for a particular musician, he listens to recordings or live performances in order to create a finished product that matches the individual player's personal playing style. When the Pernambuco tree—from which bows have been made for centuries—was on the verge of extinction, Rolland was the first to experience with carbon fiber, reinventing the craft for the first time in generations. In his work, Spielman proved that small amounted of random code can convert worst-case conditions into problems that can be solved much faster.

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This is why an algorithm for optimization e. Swartz's body of research has had important implications for normal tissue development and maintenance as well as for cancer biology.

This observation suggests a possible mechanism that tumors use to protect against immune response.