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All the Best Network Deals for Buying the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+, and S10e in the UK

The need to switch as soon as possible is heightened by the fact that most of us are paying for more than we need in the first place. Are you actually using too much data? Here's how to cut your usage and avoid hefty charges. If you're out of contract soon, then it's important you move onto the right deal for you.

As this will often involve changing networks, the rest of this guide will take you through the steps for switching mobile phone providers as painlessly as possible.

Compare mobile phone deals at Carphone Warehouse. As mentioned, the first thing to do is to confirm you're definitely able to switch penalty-free. Pay-monthly contracts typically last between 12 and 24 months, while SIM-only deals usually last 30 days or 12 months.

Also, take a look at your current pay TV supplier: Sky, for example, has mobile phone deals reserved for existing TV customers. If you have a mobile phone that you took out as part of a contract, check if you can take it with you when you move. You will be entitled to keep a handset after your minimum term ends or when you pay to cancel the contract, though there could be a minimum term stipulation.

Providers will have different policies about unlocking phones, which allows you to use them with any network. Unlocking a phone can take days, so make sure you factor this in when switching to avoid losing service. To make sure you pick the right plan for you, work out how many texts and minutes you will likely need. You might want to look at old bills to see what your usage is like.

With a pay-monthly contract, you usually get a handset and an allowance of inclusive calls, texts and data for a monthly fee. Contracts can last between months and require that you undergo a credit check before taking one out. This type of deal is best if you are likely to make a lot of calls, send lots of texts or use a lot of data on the go.

It's generally a good ideally to compare prices on at least a couple of sites to get a better idea of how much you should be paying. Under the system, you just need to send a free text message to your provider stating you wish to leave instead of having to ring them up.

The provider will then send a text back with a unique code and any other related information to closing your account like termination charges and outstanding handset costs. If happy with these costs, you then pass on the unique code to the new network which will to switch you over within one working day.

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Depending on your handset, you will need one of three different sizes of SIM card. It's a good idea to know which you need before ordering your new SIM.

Why buy a SIM only plan?

Switching your mobile provider once your contract has ended is very straight-forward. Of course, you will keep your existing number when switching unless you actually need a new one. Generally speaking, you will follow these steps. It varies from handset to handset. With most new handsets you will find a small hole somewhere around the edge of your phone. Use a pin or the special tool supplied with your phone to press into the hole and pop out the SIM drawer. Take out the old one, put in the new one, close the drawer and Bob's your uncle.

The big four network providers all provider data SIMs specifically aimed at tablet users. If you fail a SIM only credit check, your credit rating is in a bad way. Sorry about that, we've been there and it's tough. Yes and no.

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While there is generally little wrong with the service you receive from smaller providers, the smaller the provider the less stable it tends to be. New providers come and go all the time, often leaving their customers high and dry. At the very least you should consider a provider that's been around long enough to build a reviewable track record — a few years at least.

Almost never. There may be a small window of a few hours, a day at most, when you're waiting for your PAC to activate your old phone number on your new phone , but this is going to be as a result of some sort of error in the process. For the vast majority it's seamless. If you're getting a handset in the deal , and it's at least a reasonably modern one, you'll be paying for it in instalments on top of your monthly charges for your services.

Without a handset you just pay for the services. If your phone is locked to one provider and you want to switch then yes, you will need to unlock it first. The easiest way to find out if your phone is locked is to borrow a SIM for a couple of minutes from a friend or family member who is on a different network. If you get signal, you're golden, if not, you may need to get your phone unlocked.

Most of us spend a most of our time close to a wifi signal. In which case you probably need less data than you think.

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If you don't download apps using your data allowance or watch video, you probably need very little. However, if you're always using online apps when you're out and about, commonly watching video on YouTube and the like you're going to need a lot more. It changes from year to year. To see the provider we rate as the best this year, read our dedicated guide on the best mobile network. All other providers use one of these four networks. Therefore, to get an idea of the signal you're going to get where you live, you should visit each of the four and look up signal strength in your locale using their maps. Around a week.

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Once you've ordered you'll need to wait up to 5 working days to get your new SIM in the post. Once you have it — and in the meantime got your PAC code form your existing provider — it will take another 48 hours to switch the SIM to your old number. Once you have the SIM, if you need more minutes, texts or data and you want to upgrade, you can do this with either a phone call to your provider or in many cases, just log into your online account and tick a box or two.

You won't need a new SIM and the upgrade is usually instantaneous. It varies from provider to provider, but most SIM only deals can be used around the world. What you get charged in each country will depend on your particular provider's roaming policy. Our advice: Check the situation a long time before you depart.

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Unlocking your phone is easy , however Maybe you want that ultra-high-end handset — If you really want the latest flagship phone from Apple or Samsung, a SIM only deal along with buying the handset outright is not the best way to do it. EE is on its own network naturally , and all its contracts are 12 months long Three — As one of the UK's four network providers, as you'd expect Three offers just about everything. See here for terms and conditions. Shared mobile plans for family and friends: each UK network compared The retailers featured on this page may compensate us when our readers follow links to their websites and make a purchase. Tags: hot giz uk deals samsung galaxy s Samsung Galaxy S Whether it's gripping drama or the games you won't find anywhere else, you get it with us - at home and on the go.

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