Fios quantum gateway router deals

Do I need Verizon's Quantum Gateway modem?

Yes, there are expenses for Verizon to continue supporting old hardware. The problem is that Verizon used to include a router at no additional cost as part of the FiOS service. Logan is partially correct, in that the only thing that will immediately change with an upgraded FiOS router is your WiFi speed. Of course, that would require a further upgrade to your service and as you noted, cost more money. The fundamental problem here is that Verizon only supports their own routers. They can attach to CPE routers from the network side and set parameters to assist in support.

Verizon FIOS Quantum Gateway Wireless Wi-Fi Router FiOS-G1100 Dual Band, Black, G1100 (Refurbished)

Further, although I only skimmed this rather long thread, the MOCA interface is used to deliver TV programming information and pay-per-view data between the router and the set-top boxes. This is done independently of the cable between the ONT and the router. Sry for ranting. According to the Verizon tech doing my install today, all installs use ethernet now, even the low speed ones. They actually have to call in to get it set up through coax now.

He told me he got in trouble for using MoCA on a 15 Mbit install… strange. Also I have already switched back to the C9. Are you internet-only? Super easy and smooth with the directions you provided here. I do have an issue that I hope someone can answer for me though. Am I missing something like a setting on my router or did the speed throttle down because verizon wants me to use their router!!! Chris, are you still having an issue? My speeds were slower than advertised for about 24hrs after the switch, but they went back to normal shortly after.

Thanks for responding, it has actually gotten worse! I am now running less than 1mbps with full signal 10 feet from the router. Not sure but 0. I would definitely try running wired instead of wireless, just to be sure. Also try a few different speed tests 1 , 2 , 3.

Are you using the stock firmware on the C7, or custom firmware? Is the firmware up to date? If you have a decent firewall on your computer, you could connect it directly to the ONT and see if you get full speeds from there…. I did re position the antennas on the router though… I am running stock firmware on the C7 and it is up to date. Maybe there was just a ton of traffic on the fiber in my community yesterday afternoon… who knows! Ill just keep my fingers crossed it stays this way. Either way if I can keep these speeds up for more than half the day it performs better than my verizon router did so I cant complain.

Had lunch with my buddy at work today and he said to connect the new router and wait a few hours.

Port Forwarding Tutorial - Verizon Quantum Router

I am a triple newbie to this but hoping someone can help. At any given time there are multiple devices both wired and wirelessly running so my plan was to get a wi fi extender and up the speeds. However, I have this security hub that pulls major bandwith, and I got to thinking that perhaps in addition to more bandwith I need a more powerful router.

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I have a few questions that I hope someone can help with: — I have Direct TV and believe that my house is wired for coax instead of ethernet. How can I tell if this is indeed the case? I purchased the new router to hedge against technology so that it would be able to handle speeds well beyond anything that I am using now in the future. Any advice would be appreciated. Your expertise would be much appreciated!

Command injection with root privileges

Thanks in advance!! Did that help the slowness at all? The key here is going to be getting as many big devices Xbox, security system, etc… off wifi as possible. Then, if that repeater is extended with another repeater, that bandwidth will be halved to 7. If possible, you should run Cat5e or Cat6 around your house and setup wired repeaters instead of wireless , which will be able to give you much better speeds.

Powerline adapters also provide limited bandwidth, but are better than wireless repeaters. To answer your questions… 1 If you have DirecTV, more than likely you have coax running through your house. Here is a picture of coax red vs ethernet blue , if you want to check and see. If he does that, you can ask him about using your router instead of the Quantum since you only need the Quantum to convert coax to ethernet anyways.

Ethernet is the way of the future and some commenters have said Verizon is using ethernet by default now. Thank you so much for responding!! My last question….. To answer your questions, I only experience spurts in speed with my personal router delivering vs. My security hub, Dtv, and routers are all hardwired; but with the gaming devices they are running off of the wireless connections since they are all over the house.

Cause of Slower Speed

The tech at verizon had my port switched over within about 10 or 15 minutes and shortly after, my new router was working great. Expect to spend about minutes on the phone. Is it possible to just swap out one router with another and send back the VZN router? Everything else feeds through your router. However, in the immediate future one of the computers will be used for video conferencing. CVE - Login Replay Because HTTPS is not enforced in the web administration interface, an attacker on the local network segment can intercept login requests using a packet sniffer.

Then, my son has the PS4 in his bedroom and has a pretty good wireless connection, along with Netflix. This Linksys router claims to push to same full signal to each device, no matter the number on the network. Weird thing is, I get better speeds wirelessly than I do wired. Do you think the tech will have a problem setting me up as per your instructions? Any additional information you could provide would be great! Please and thank you in advance:. I think your best bet is to talk to the tech when he comes.

The only reason for the FiOS router is to convert the coax signal into ethernet signal. You said you get better speeds on wireless than wired? If so, something is definitely wrong with your setup…. As I said in a different comment, your best bet is to talk to the tech when he comes. Ask him to switch your ONT to ethernet, then you can setup your router as the primary router and ditch the FiOS router. Sounds like a plan…. Sorry for the multiple questions, but I want to make sure I understand you correctly…. I certainly hope this is the case!

I finally got around to doing this myself. The support staff behind their Twitter account was very helpful and responsive.

I had posted about being put on hold while calling Verizon CS and not actually getting any human and they VerizonSupport contacted me to see if I still needed help. Also, from my first DM to them requesting the ONT switch, the whole process took less then 20 minutes.

Do I still need to contact them to have them do something on their end to get my own router working?

Allconnect Resource Center

However, some users have tried resetting their router, or just waiting 24hrs and it eventually works. You can contact Verizon to see if they see your device from the ONT. HI… I read all the different settings.. One question I have…. I have TV and Internet services with verizon and I have coax cable in my house. So I am correct?? Thanks in advance. You can use options of this guide as a reference. You rock! This worked perfectly. We have Verizon Fios now Frontier with an Actiontec router. We just bought a Netgear Nighthawk.